At CW Landmark, we pursue investment opportunities in two segments of the real estate sector:

Residential Land Entitlement

First, we draw upon our principals’ multi-generational and highly successful experience in the entitlement process to present our preferred homebuilders with construction-ready opportunities.  By identifying undervalued land and pursuing the necessary surveys, approvals, financial analyses, engineering consultations and permits to achieve optimal use of the property, we minimize the risk and rigor typically associated with the homebuilding process.  CW Landmark’s statewide knowledge, our deep familiarity with municipal procedures and our understanding of the latest needs of communities all serve to streamline the approval process.  Our ability to undertake these efforts allows our homebuilder partners to focus on building, while we look ahead to deliver their next opportunity.


Commercial Investments

CW Landmark’s second arm acquires, develops and repositions commercial properties to maximize value.  We recognize that many commercial real estate investors are seeking yield and lack an appetite for entitlement or development risk.  CW Landmark exploits this vacuum by sourcing off-market opportunities, entitling or repositioning properties to increase value, and offering the repositioned asset to our stable of institutional, high net worth and local investors.

Our principals draw on decades of collective experience in real estate private equity, development, commercial brokerage and law to achieve value-add and opportunistic returns.  We work for our own account, and with wealthy families and institutions.