Steven Calcagni


Co-founder and principal of CW Landmark, Steven Calcagni was raised among real estate, joining his father’s brokerage firm, Calcagni Associates, in 1985 after graduating from Lehigh University with his B.S. in Business and Economics.

The company’s statewide reach and prominence widened in tandem with Steven’s involvement, as he opened three additional offices, increased the Calcagni team to over 150 agents and staff, and substantially developed the business’s commercial arm. Shortly renamed Calcagni Real Estate, the firm was recognized as one of the top residential real estate companies in North America according to the annual “Power Broker” report in National Relocation & Real Estate magazine, with Steven earning the title of President in 1997 and assuming full ownership in 2005. In this role, he also co-founded Calcagni Commercial, a sister company to Calcagni Real Estate and CW Landmark.

John “Luke” Williams


Principal of CW Landmark, Calcagni Commercial and Calcagni Real Estate, and owner of the commercial real estate development company Oak Tree Management, Luke Williams is extensively familiar with the full cycle of real estate, including the creation of value and the development of strategic partnerships.

Luke has also served as the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Total Tree Care, a second generation full-service tree company, and Arbor Energy, a full-service heating and cooling company, since 2010, after serving as the President of the former since 1990 and the latter since 1994. Together the two companies provide customer-centric, best-in-class care, and have been highly-ranked by Inc. 5000 and the Better Business Bureau.

Luke graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1987 and possesses the breadth of licenses and certifications available within his industries. An active participant in local philanthropic and community causes, Luke resides in Guilford with his wife and two children.

Ralph A. Lewis III

Vice President

Ralph’s real estate career began in 2004 when he joined a development company that primarily outfitted single tenant retailers.  There, he learned the painstaking real estate matchmaking game of pairing national tenants with the appropriate markets, while also accumulating expertise in the niche segments of the industry, including value creation, off-market transactions and creative deal structures.

Seeking a broader spectrum of real estate opportunities, Ralph transitioned to the brokerage side of the business, settling into the Calcagni Commercial team in January 2013.  After substantially increasing the deal size and prestige of Calcagni Commercial transactions, Ralph was awarded the title of Vice President in August 2013 and was shortly thereafter promoted to President in 2015.

With a reputation for sourcing off-market deals and a long-cultivated understanding of both development and brokerage, Ralph functions as a retail specialist for CW Landmark, promoting a dynamic and proactive approach to real estate.

Ralph lives in Stratford with his wife and five sons.